The Site Is Up and Running

The Site Is Up and Running

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This is going to be a quick update. To sum things up in a quickly, the site is up and running. It’s hosted, has its banner up. Also, it has a Facebook page.

It took a while for a number of reasons. One, that Thursday 4th of July made that holiday last a lot longer. Also, I was waiting a while for my logo for the site to be prepared. Let’s focus on the important part: the site is up and running.

Alright, I’m done making excuses. Onward.

Create all of my social media accounts

I need to make accounts for Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, AboutMe, Diigo, Gravatar and LinkedIn. I am going to look for a way to outsource this, but odds are I will be doing it myself. I reserve the right to add or remove to the list of social media accounts that will be used.

With each social media account I will be setting it up with IFTTT to where it automatically broadcasts every blog post I create on my main site. Here is a quick tutorial that shows you what IFTTT is (if this, then that) and how to get it up and running.

Keyword Research

Another thing that will be done before the next update is some keyword research so I have my first 10 to 20 keywords that will be used for articles. I will be using the recursive keyword research strategy to make this happen.

Once the social media accounts are all up and indexed and there are at least a few articles created, we will begin the fun part, the SEO. The backlink building. We will be following the Matt Diggity Backlink Blueprint. He recently updated this and I look forward to putting it into motion.

Once Again: The Site is Up and Running

You can type in the URL, hit enter and boom, there’s my site. It took a while, but here we are.

The Fun Part is Almost Here

There is a lot of tedious work involved in the beginning of building a website. We are almost through that part. Soon we will be watching the site go up the rankings and getting closer to where we get to flip this bad boy for six figures.

Once the social media profiles are indexed and the keyword research is done, things are very simple. Order content, order backlinks, order content, order backlinks. Again and again until we get to the top.

Stay tuned as I am hopeful to have another update this weekend.

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